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Keep Tissue at optimal temperature during homogenization
Cold air (-50°C) is sprayed around the tubes so that temperature during homogenization remains at approximately 4°C. A probe allows a monitoring of temperature inside cover.

Protect sensitive molecules from degradation
  • Get Higher yield, quality and functionality.
  • Prevent enzymes from becoming active.
  • Retain 100% active proteins.

Dry-Ice or Liquid Nitrogen cooling

Cryolys prevents increasing of temperature during lysis process and enhances efficiency of molecular extraction leading to premium quality analysis.
  • Compressed Air goes through liquid nitrogen or Dry-Ice in the Cryolys
  • Cold compressed Air is sprayed inside the PrecellysŪ24 specific Cover
  • Samples are cooled and temperature sensitive molecules are kept into their native states
Important: Cryolys has to be connected to compressed air (network or canister). Lab air network needs to provide compressed air at a minimum of 4 bars, with 120 Liter/minute flow.

  • Model: 05068.200.RD000
  • Manufactured by: Bertin